Thelma and Louise, Uncategorized

Territory Bound

So Mum and I are off, Territory bound.

We’re like Thelma and Louise, except we’re in a 1996 Toyota hatchback which already has 155, 000 on the clock.

What’s another 4500 kms?

We’re in Brisbane, after spending two days in Byron with my old soul mate Lil, her family and her Swedish boyfriend Dre dog.

It was definitely a last hoorah for Lil and I – twiddle dee and twiddle dum – as we’re both embarking on relatively major adventures. I’m heading up to mingle in the sweaty top end, and she’s going to Sweden to freeze her tits off with tribal Nordic folk.

From Brisbane, our road turns inland for a couple of hours, and then north toward Carnarvon National Park, where hopefully we’ll get to trudge through spectacular gorges and rugged bush for a couple of days. I’ll get to be characteristically feral and Mum will get to try out our brand spanking new swags, which are squashed in the back of old mate Corolla.


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