Wannabe Darwinian

A wannabe Darwinian

I’ve been trying to justify creating a blog about re-locating up to Darwin, and keep stalling because all the reasons I come up with seem lame and self-serving. Happily, I’ve narrowed it down to a few finalists that don’t totally fall on their face…

… this little city is exciting and ever-changing and people do exciting things in their spare (and non-spare) time. Maybe my musings about life up here can play advocate for one of Australia’s under-appreciated cities.

Living up here is so much more in tune with the seasons and the nature that surrounds the city. Its energy ebbs and flows with the Wet and Dry. Locals live and do business with the seasons, constantly aware that up here, we are not the top of the food chain. Between knowing that prehistoric reptiles are stalking me as I stroll along the beach, and living alongside one of Australia’s biggest and most diverse Indigenous populations, I feel so much more self-aware than I ever did in Sydney.

Finally, owing to the humongous tropical garden surrounding my house, and an abundance of tools, machinery and carpentry paraphernalia underneath it, some of my ridiculous DIY dreams are actually coming true. These posts will be photographic evidence of the fact!

At the very least, this is me keeping my family up to date with what a wannabe Darwinian’s life looks like.

Happy reading!


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