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Chilli and Chicks

Owing to the fact that most of my new friends are not shift workers, my days off have thus far mostly been spent hanging out in my troppo share in Rapid Creek, with two rabbits, a couple of dogs, ten or so chickens and some mangey housemates. We have a veggie patch which is currently supplying more eggplant and chilli than we know what to do with. There is also an impressive assortment of tools, wood, metal and gardening stuff under the house. Unfortunately for me, I’ve realised over the last couple of weeks that for the most part, I have absolutely no idea what tools to use (or even if I did, how to use them) to make these ideas come into fruition. So I usually go downstairs, pick up a few pieces of wood, a metal pole and maybe a drill bit.  I stare at them for a moment or so, wishing I could give them a purpose, and then put them back.

Housemate Tom on the other hand is constantly constructing things. This morning, for example, he woke up and casually built a chicken-coop-within-our-pre-existing-coop (which he also built), to house the 10 Plymouth Rock chicks we have recently adopted. Here they are in all their scrawny glory, with my two rabbits Eduardo and LeBron:

I have managed to satisfy some of my DIY dreams. Mostly, I think of the idea and get someone else to execute it. My new clothes rack, for example; I was integral to the building process as the tool-passer and photographer:

I’ll leave you with a slide-show of garden-to-plate food porn.  And my biggest permaculture success story to date: chilli jam.


One thought on “Chilli and Chicks

  1. Susan Bogle says:

    hi darling, that looks delish. I always find it a bit disappointing how little you end up with after all the work. Is that Nick’s recipe? I’ve got a Kasundi recipe of Sal’s that’s really good too. I’ll dig it out and send it on. Keep writing. Love you, Mama xxxxxx


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